Friday, June 12, 2009

Awwww, Poop!

I was standing in the bathroom yesterday, having a conversation with one of the kiddos about poop because well, he was pooping. It was one of those frank, innocent conversations that catch you off guard in their simplicity.

"I need to poop!"
"Then you should poop."
"Pooping is hard..."and he nods with his mischievious grin.
"Pooping is hard but you can do it."
"I can do it!"

This repeated three or four times before he was finished and I know we both giggled a couple of times but it's what ran through my mind as we talked that amused me more...

Dude, this is my job.

Someone is actually paying me money to stand here and talk to a three year old about the perils of pooping.


Some days, it's not a bad gig.


Sally Blackburn said...

That's messed up... I've been doing it for free all these years!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!! I so miss working in daycare *sigh*

oh now I know this is just a total fluke... but the work verification that it wants me to put in... swear to god... is fartngs! made me laugh after reading a poop blog... oh yah... did you see my poop blog from today? bet you can relate! :)

Anonymous said...

WORD verification not work... dang it fingers! pay attention!

PaullaWalla said...

Cass, I hadn't read your blog yet (but have now). I wanted to subscribe to it but couldn't find a subscribe button so I added it to my rss feeds (although I have to remember to check those which means I'm horrible about it). :(

Sally! I am now following practically your whole family... the kid's blogs are precious. :)

Anonymous said...

how the heck do i put a subscribe button on there??? i am NOT blog savvy