Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pizza for Dinner

The dining room table gets wiped down every day and yet there are still crumbs and water rings and hints of everyone who's sat around it. It bugs me.

My refrigerator has forty seven bottles of beer taking up precious space where the milk and sugar free Kool-Aid should be and neither Ben or I drink the stuff. I'm irritated and find it funny all at the same time.

I thought I'd lost the feeling where I want to get in the car and drive away from everything but this week...this week I could have and promise you I almost did.

I ordered pizza for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

do you have a glass table? we do and its murder on my OCD cleanliness issues... I too have an entire shelf in the fridge stocked with beer, wine coolers and zima (eww) and it has been there for god knows how long because neither Chuck or I really drink (anymore) and yet it sits there taking up precious space... sorry you are still feeling ewwy about your new surroundings... i so pray, cross my fingers, hope hope hope that it dissipates soon for you!!