Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I like to write about not writing. Has anyone noticed that yet?

Why? I wonder.

I've decided it's because I write so much in my head and... I've fallen victim to the facebook status update. All the random musings I used to pour into blogs and poems now wind up in status updates and comments.

Part of me wishes I'd stop and write instead but part of me gets a kick out of the instant gratification those stupid updates provide.

I've failed, haven't I?

I need to turn this bit around.

But before I can conquer the blog I've got to figure out how to make pregnant heartburn go away... it's horribly distracting.


Val said...

Congratulations - I apparently have not been on facebook enough to notice that you were pregnant - so excited for you - you will have to update the blog with more information!! Good luck on the heart burn - doesn't that mean they will have lots of hair - or no hair - I can't remember.

Big Mama Cass said...

Ugh :( I had to take Prilosec daily while I was pregnant. It was the only thing that saved my esophagus :(