Monday, November 15, 2010


Ben got up with the girls Saturday morning.  I slowly awoke to the muffled sounds of baby giggles and Ruthie laughs mingling with the sunglight. 

It was peaceful.

As I rolled over to climb out of bed I reminded myself that these are the moments and feelings that are meant to be treasured and shared.  Then I opened my bedroom door, padded into my living room, and was promptly embraced by a starving seven year old.

I'm sure she wanted to share and treasure my moment long as it was over a bowl of cereal.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about being thankful, appreciative, and love.  It's possible I'm still working off an overdose of baby hormones but I don't mind.  I think it was Ruth's "Thanks for being my mom" letter that sparked it.  It reminded me of a letter I'd written to her in a blog a few years ago (when she was three maybe?) and a second entry I knew I'd written on being thankful in general.

There was just one problem... I couldn't remember the web address for the blog.

(I really should bookmark such things)

Lucky for you guys, I managed to find it.

(From the very first blog)

What I'm Thankful For
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This is the season I am thankful for me. I am proud of my intuition and my spirit. Even though I feel weak and vulnerable, I know I am strong and have the possibleness to be awesome. I'm thankful for having the vision to walk down that tunnel. I appreciate this second chance I've been given and I plan to make the most of it. Someone once asked me what I regretted most in my life and I told them I regret too much. They asked me what, and I told them the list of this 28 year old woman was long... too long. I should not be regretting, I should be living. I intend to do that from now on.

I'm thankful for the crazy amazing three year-old. She has shown me, time and time again, the value of happiness. She loves me even when I screw up and she always wants to sing and dance.

I'm thankful for Wendy because I can tell her anything or nothing and she's always there. She understands and she loves me. I wish everyone had a Wendy, just not mine because... I don't want to share her.

I'm thankful for you, because you're you and sometimes I need that. Thank you for everything.


Aside from being almost thirty-three years old, and having a crazy amazing seven year old instead of the three year old, each and every one of these words still ring true today.  The only thing I would change is the addition of Ben and our always smiling, always laughing, sweet cheeked baby girl.  Just as I had no idea what was missing from my life before I met Ruth... I had no idea, the magnitude of happiness and contenment I was missing until I found Ben. 

I know I tell him every day and I'm sure he knows but I am so glad he sent that email...really, really glad.

Oh and if you're interested in that silly old blog, it's here...

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