Thursday, December 23, 2010


Ruth's in Texas for Christmas.

Ruth is absolutely over the moon about being in Texas for Christmas.

I am absolutely over the moon pretty much any time Ruth is over the moon about something, so I believe that means I'm over the moon about Ruth being over the moon about being in Texas.

(Did you follow that?)

Yesterday, Ruth's stepmom called to tell me Ruth had found strawberries at the farmer's market.

The reason that was so important?

Because Ruth insisted Carolyn buy them (for me) and told her she needed to bring them home (in her suitcase) because I love strawberries.

I smiled.

Okay, I kept smiling.

I told Carolyn, "She was thinking about me!" in my I'mreallyproudRuth'smydaughter voice because I was really feeling the love when Carolyn said...

"Oh definitely! And she talks about you all the time... to anyone and everyone who will listen!"

and if I'd stopped smiling at all in the nano seconds before

I smiled huge-erer.

(or more ginormacantically?)

Because I weave Ruth into every conversation too. 

It's kind of hard not to, you know?

I love her.


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