Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fisherman's Woman...

This song has been going round and round inside by head for weeks.  It probably doesn't help that I keep putting it through my itunes or listening to it all the way to work... but I think it would be spinning around in spite.

Eric told me to buy this cd a lifetime ago.  I liked this song then but it wasn't until I happened back across it sometime in October that I caught myself lingering over it...

(you should listen)

Fisherman's Woman
I'm pretending to be a good fisherman's woman
Just like Anna Ingunn's mom
The gladiator of all fisherman's wives
Makes it a lot easier thinking of you
On the sea where you have to be a month at a time
Working hard in the day
Your hands cracking from the cold and the salt
In the night when you go to bed
You try to sleep by listening to the boat breathing
The boat breathing
And the only thing
The only thing you can think of is me
Waiting for you by the window
With the brightest red lipstick on my lips
Just like Anna waits for her man
How will I learn
I'll wait

I know why I'm so attached to this song right now.

I'm pretending to be a good Air Force wife.
Isn't that what most of us do?  Everyday?  
Because they're gone all the time...
And really, the only thing that does make it easier
is to believe that the 
-only thing-
he can really think of
is me.


Unknown said...

wistful and moody... beautiful.

My Menagerie said...

I think at this point this goes unsaid, but I miss you. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post (as it applied to myself in ways right now also).

PaullaWalla said...

I miss you too (thoroughly)...and yes, it need not be said although Ruth tells me every day how empty her life is without you (her "crazy Lindi" as she's taken to calling you).