Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Definitions of Character

Every Monday night, Ruth brings home a folder bulging with the ink stained odds and ends that make up her second grade existence.  This one outshone the others , three Mondays ago, even though at first glance it is simple...

When I pulled it out of her folder, I read over it once then...caught myself reading over it again.  I called Ruth over and asked her to tell me about her hero.  To be honest, I thought she'd made up this Ethan persona.  

Ruth says:  "Ethan is my best friend.  He's who I play with at recess and he helps me when I can't do things.  He's nice to me.  I've never had a friend as good as him."

I smiled, picked up that hero paper, off the counter, and prominently displayed it on the refrigerator where my one favorite thing always goes.  It is still there.  Nothing has yet to top it.

Tonight, we took Ruth to her favorite restaurant in the entire state of Florida, Royal Palace.  I'm still not sure why she loves a Chinese buffet so much when the only things she eats are jell-o and pudding but... 

Ah yes!  She also eats fortune cookies.  How could I forget?

Two bites into her cookie, Ruth nodded and said, "Oh, this is definitely true."

So I looked...

Then I asked, "A friend of yours needs advice and encouragement?"

"Well, yeah."


"Ethan - I've been encouraging him to make friends and better choices.  You know...trying to help him because most of the kids don't like him."

"Your hero?  That Ethan?"

"Yes, Mom... That...ETHAN."


I'm smiling right now and that's all I have to say about this.



Magaen Bates said...

Ethan is a lucky guy!

My Menagerie said...

Our Ruthie is wise beyond her years. That's for sure. And Ethan? He must be pretty smart, too, to be friends with someone as amazing as Ruthie. ;)