Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Five Things I love

Five Things I'm In Love With RIGHT Now...

1.  While digging through our cramped and overcrowded bookshelf last week, the worn, yellowed book I'd passed on to Ben from my childhood, on our first Valentine's Day, fell into my lap.  The letter I'd written him was still folded and tucked inside.

2.  I'm writing something that excites me and makes me smile and I've no intention of ever selling it.

3.  The dictionary that has faithfully traveled with me in the floorboard of my car for the past three years has returned to her rightful home (next to my laptop).  I didn't realize how much I'd missed her.

4.  Our custom designed shoes arrived at our doorstep during dinner.  :)

Ruth's say her name (in camouflage)... I think it's obvious that mine are "Awesome."

5. "Writing allows us to hold our life in our hands and make something of it." 
            -Lucy Calkins

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