Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Own Rewards Program

As I stood in the middle of Isabella's darkened room, swaying back and forth, with a restless baby girl fighting sleep in my arms, I fell in love all over again.

She's growing up fast these days.  The way babies do I suppose.  Between Christmas and Spring she began crawling and standing and walking around the furniture.  She suddenly eats crackers and cheerios and drinks out of her sippy cup.  She even says words like "tickle" and "done" and "dog."

She keeps me busy...this one.

Well, the other night as I laid her down for the night I realized something.

All the things I've found the most rewarding in my life are also the ones that bring me the most challenges.

They are the ones I work hardest for.  

My Marriage
My Kids
My Career

I need each of these things and they bring me peace and happiness I couldn't find anywhere else but dude... they're also the most difficult things I've ever done.

...and I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

Some things are worth it.

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