Sunday, April 3, 2011


"All of us get knocked down, but it's resiliency that really matters. All of us do well when things are going well, but the thing that distinguishes athletes is the ability to do well in times of great stress, urgency and pressure."                  --Roger Staubach 
"The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places."
--  Ernest Hemingway

I think I'm caught between a rock and a hard place right now...a very resilient rock and an extremely hard place.

I'm capable.

I will do what must be done because it must be done.  

It won't be easy.

I won't enjoy it... as a matter of fact (if I'm going to be honest) joy escapes most of these days because there is simply too much for one person to do.

But I will do it


I wasn't asked if I wanted to or if I'd mind or if I was strong enough...

I was expected to.




Just because I can

and we do alright

doesn't mean I'm happy

or I like it



It just means I get up every day
and do what I have to do
because there are people
counting on me
to do it.

(my thoughts on deployment)
     (maybe you shouldn't talk to me about deployment)

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