Sunday, September 25, 2011

Three Cents

This morning, I read something that struck me so deeply I repeated it several times before setting it aside.  I've been struggling to keep it all together lately and this statement...this declaration... will become my new mantra.

"I am not giving away the power and promise of my life to this situation."

I told you it was powerful.

And as though Ruth knew I needed her to be extra sparkly, this is what she shouted as we headed out the door for groceries...

"I'm going to bring good luck to other people today!"

Ruth was grinning, the patchwork pony purse was slung over her shoulder, her eyes had that special sparkle that can only be captured by her coke bottle glasses, and in her fist she was clutching three pennies.

"I've decided to leave these for strangers to find."

And that is precisely what she did.

I hope at least one of those pennies brings a smile to someone.



Courtney said...

Oh, that girl! Love her!

PaullaWalla said...

There are days when she drives me absolutely mad but then there are days, like today, when I can't believe how incredibly profound she is. :)

Big Mama Cass said...

Aww that is so amazing of her! I am writing that quote down.

I'm sorry you are down. :( I hope it gets better soon.