Sunday, April 8, 2012


Even though I write myself notes and lists and little yellow sticky things reminding me to savor small moments, jot down the odd bit (or two), and write at least one sentence about each day I never, EVER, remember to do it.

It's ok.

I don't get upset over it the way I used to - instead, it makes all the moments I remember to record feel that much more special.  I know, one day, I'm going to look back and wish I could remember them all but if that were possible it would take a lifetime to remember them and I'd miss an entire lifetime in the process.

Perhaps, in this way - it's better then... because rather than looking for moments to remember later on, I've begun living more actively in the present?

"Patience is the companion of wisdom"
-St. Augustine

Patience with myself is as important as the patience I seek to have of others.

Today, Isabella learned how to take pictures.  It looks like Lamby may have finally learned how to drive.

I did mention Isabella learned how to take pictures, right?  I probably should have mentioned I was not with her when she figured it out.  I just happened upon the "Big Toe Owwie" shot this afternoon.  I have to give her kudos for the perspective.

We spent the entire afternoon at the beach and it was perfect.

Isabella spent as much time swimming in the ocean as Ruth!  

Bells knows no limits.  Ruth jumped into the ocean with a boogie board so Bells instinctively turned, grabbed the other one, and ran after her.

Can you see me in his sunglasses?  Haha!

(I kept trying to snap pictures of Ruth but she kept jumping under waves)

The day ended in the best possible way.
Ruth was packing up her backpack for school when I heard her gasp.  I looked over to see her hand covering her mouth...her eyes brighter than they've been in ages.

"Mom!  Mom!  He found it!  I wrote him a letter but forgot to leave it and he still found it!"

Then she handed it to me so I could read it.

And that, my friends... was magic.


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