Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bits and Pieces

This morning, I ate my frosted flakes from a red bowl emblazened with "popcorn" on all sides. According to my six year old this is a crime against humanity.

"Mommmmmmm, you ONLY eat popcorn in the popcorn bowls! Pour your cereal out right now!"

I refused and somehow... I think she will survive.


I have a Slip-n-Slide in my backyard. When I was growing up, I reember playing on our Wet Banana. I'm not the only person on the planet who had one of these, am I? Maybe I'm just obsessed with bananas...


I was flipping through the blue notebook I carry everywhere (that's right, the brown one has been retired for a leatherbound blue one), trying to find an empty page to write down a phone number, when I saw the very first thing I'd ever written in it and I laughed.

(Sitting at the park overlooking the ocean)

Ben wants to know why you never see baby pigeons.


There are brownies in the oven and a handful of girls on the trampoline outside... this will have to do for now.




Anonymous said...

your blogs always fill me with a peace... i love it! you rock sister!

and... are they *ahem* the... special... brownies? lol


So I was on vacation and my sister in law handed me a brownie and goes, "here, these are special brownies I just made" So I (having clearly had too much fun in years past) said "oh no, thanks... I don't do special brownies anymore, but thanks" So then about 20 minutes later hubby comes up to me and says "whats up? my sis says you wont eat the brownies she made" and I was like "no she said they were pot brownies" and after he stopped crying sobs of laughter he said "no babe, she just put chocolate chips in them to make them special" hahahahaha Wellll??? How was I sposed to know?!?! :D

PaullaWalla said...

...and your comments always leave me with a smile.

I probably would've thought the "special" brownies were pot brownies as well. ;)

The only thing special about my brownies were the shape of them... we baked them in little star pans. :)