Sunday, September 5, 2010

A List

I was skimming through files and old bookmarked pages when I fell upon this (was it Wednesday?) and haven't stopped thinking about it. That's what the blog was for, wasn't it? Sharing things inside my crazy mind? Since that's what I've decided - I bring you a list from sometime in 2009 (with minor updates because the list is mine after all and I'm allowed to do that).

10 Things About Myself

I'm a mother
I'm completely captivated by my husband's brown eyes
I type more than 100 wpm
I write more than I talk and considering how much I say... that's a lot
I have the most amazing job
I don't like to drive
Movies are so much better than TV
Why does coffee smell so good but taste so bad? And why then, do I drink so much of it?
My daughter is wiser at seven than I believe I've ever been.
I once thought I'd rather be anywhere but here...that beaches and ocean views were entirely overrated. Now I just wish Wendy lived here.


wendlyn said...

I knew that the beaches and ocean breezes would capture you! I wish I lived there too, but you knew that already. I do believe I was the excited one when you moved there. I would live in Austin too. I just love easy going, laid back kinda lifestyle. Once I am able, I will be a traveling nurse and then oceans and beaches will be at my beck and call.
Oh, I found a book the other day...It was a small book, full of one liners and in a post it note fashion. Ruthisms perhaps? Think on it!

PaullaWalla said...

I have a post it note book of one liners... did I give you this book and buy one for myself? How weird is that?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could come visit! Miss you!

Big Mama Cass said...

All amazing things :)