Thursday, February 11, 2010

Donuts for Dinner...

Ben came home and the domestic goddess in me seems to have disappeared. Hmmmm... Ben may argue she never existed but I swear I spent the last few months slaving over a hot stove at dinner time. Sure, most of those dinners were hotdogs but no one said feeding a six year old had to be elaborate.

I present to you, our dinner menu since his return:

Friday - I threw a frozen pizza in the oven.
Saturday - El Patron for some of our favorite Mexican fare.
Sunday - Everyone needs a little Olive Garden in their life.
Monday - We snuck off to Toro Bravo while Ruth was at gymnastics...Ruth got to pick between leftovers or cereal.
Tuesday - I called Papa... Papa John's.
Wednesday - I saw Ruth eating the powdered donuts and softball size Hershey Kiss and heard myself tell her it was her dinner. She didn't argue.

I jokingly told a friend of mine I was trying for the Mom of the Year award. I know some may frown upon the choices I made this week but that's okay. I happen to know there are more important things in this life than cooking dinner for my family every night. I also know we just ate hot dogs for dinner.

See, I told you I was a domestic goddess.


Big Mama Cass said...

When (yes I said WHEN and not IF) WHEN you invite me over for dinner can we have powdered donuts and Hershey kisses?


Let me get my coat.


PaullaWalla said...

Of course we can, silly!

Jeff Deck said...

Sounds like my lunches this week. Sometimes life just gets too busy to worry about... nutrition.