Sunday, November 21, 2010

All I Want for Christmas...

If we're going to lay claim to favorite holidays, Christmas has always been mine. Growing up, it was the pleasure I saw my mom receive from giving to so many others.  Then, as I grew older, it was the homemade gifts I shared with those I loved.  When Ruth was born, I wanted each Christmas to be as magical and special as so many that I remember. 

... Someone struggling to hang lights on the house.
...Singing Christmas songs together.
...Decorating the tree with ornaments we'd collected and made all by ourselves.
...Writing letters to Santa.
...Christmas morning














(Thank goodness.)

Through divorce, deployment, and the loving heart of my insightful seven year old, Christmas has evolved into a sense of togetherness we celebrate all year long.  Yes, we get excited over our Palm Tree strung with lights and homemade santa hands.  We sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer until we're completely out of breath.  We bake cookies for all of our friends and we even write letters to Santa Claus...

But Ruth doesn't wake up at my house on Christmas morning anymore and Ben spends most holidays deployed.  Rather than dwell on the "what could have beens" or ache for things I simply can't have, I've taken a cue from my smart (somewhat silly) daughter and I've come to appreciate Mondays and Tuesdays... letters left on legal pads... listening in on advice being passed from one sister to another.

I feel blessed for this gift I've been given.  I've been reminded that true magic doesn't come with the seasons or flips and turns of calendar pages. 

True magic happens every single day.

The day Ruth donned her "princess rapper" persona.

The day I discovered Ben likes Typhoon water slides more than the kids.

She dressed up like this to help me entertain the baby (it worked).

Bella's post pigtail devil horns and the daddy who always bathes her... well, when he's home anyhow.

Who says you have to save those BIG forks for serving?  Eating with them probably would be fun...

So, while Santa only comes once a year I celebrate every day and I wouldn't change a thing.


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