Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm not listening to you because my mind is some place else...

It's been a while since I had a classroom of my own.  This week marks two years, in fact, and while I'm in and out of rooms all day long every day it's not the same.  Sometimes I miss it...


Here's a blog I wrote five GLORIOUS years ago.
If I said this, would I get away with it?
probably not...

CG had a rough day today. So rough, his referral for the office was basically this list:

1. 8:35am Yelling in line, "I changed my underwear this morning! hehehe It was wet. I'm wearing dry underwear now."
2. 8:50am Comes out of restroom, sits down, suddenly yells, "MAN, THAT WAS A GOOD POOP!"
3. 9:30am Interrupted counselor so many times he was asked to leave the room.
4. 10:15am Crumples math paper, stands in corner of room with windows, hides behind corn... chants, "I can't seeeeeeee you." for thirty minutes.
5. 11:15am Burps in CW's face through out lunch. LOUD burps.
6. 11:35am When asked to line up, runs towards line, lifts shirt towards arm-pits, leans forward, sticks butt in air and CW's face, wiggles it, laughs.
7. 11:41am Tells Mrs. Lay, "I'm not listening to you because my mind is some place else."

Referral ends. He spent the rest of the day, coloring in the office. You know what that means? His body was some place else too!

Ahhhhhh, to be working the front lines again.
(I miss it)

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