Sunday, February 27, 2011

They Go Together

So, it turns out I do frown from time to time.  I also scrunch up my forehead, wrinkle my nose, bite my lip, and... cry.

For a month, my family has been teetering out of balance.

                ...a sad, desperate feeling.

From the moment I first heard his voice,  felt his hand wrap around mine...watched him laugh, I knew I would follow him to the ends of the Earth.

I love him.




This month I realized there is no end to the Earth.  It spins and turns and rolls around and around and around but it NEVER ends and I will be following Ben forever.  And just as suddenly as I'd decided to follow him I felt beaten down and mislead.  Love is powerful but it's hard to always be second in order of importance and the nature of Ben's job simply requires me to...well...sort of just always be...second in order of importance.

Realizing this has made me sad.

Then Ruth walked up to us on our anniversary, pulled two cards out of her backpack, and said, "I made these for you today!  They go together - See!"

Then she placed my card inside Ben's and smiled.

A gesture so simple yet so true.


We do go together.

... and in my own heart,

I believe

           my heart

 is a part of

      - his-

so her card




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