Sunday, March 6, 2011

I know (and that's enough)

Today, I almost wish I kept an old fashioned, paper/pencil diary to pen my thoughts because I'm not entirely sure everyone needs to be reading what I really want to be writing.

Today, I wish I could tell them they are ridiculous.  That they act like fools.  Today I wish I could tell them I can't stand the way they make drama out of centimeters suddenly become inches and inches become miles and how miles become treacherous and barren and wrought with monsters and demons.

Today, I wish they would recognize the present and the true.  I wish they would realize what is passing by right in front of them...what they're missing because they can't see the forest for the...well...for the trees laden with demons and dragons (apparently).

Today, I almost called them but decided that would be a mistake.  It doesn't do any good.  They don't listen when I do... 

Today, I don't care if they understand or not...if they continue or they stop and

Today, I'm giving up.

They can do whatever they want.

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