Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Missing Parts of My Heart

Isabella and I flew home from Texas today...




Ruth is in Central Texas for the summer.
Ben is still who the H-E-doublehockeysticks knows where.

And you know what?

It still makes me cry, after four years of sharing, to come home to the bits and pieces of people who were here one moment and won't be for thousands and thousands of moments.

It's bad enough, I walk past Ben's flight suit and boots every morning as though he were still going to hop out of bed and go to work.

Today, Ruth showed up every time I turned a corner.

 In the underwear drawer she NEVER closes.

In the Littlest Pets who are positioned exactly how she was last playing with them (which was most likely when she was supposed to be helping me pack - - or closing that underwear drawer).

In the way she made sure her dog was tucked up safely in his house, with his toy and his bone, and the birdie was happily singing on top.

And in the bug catching gear and colored chalks still all over the back porch (her new favorite haunt).

My heart may have started off big but between Ruth and Ben and all the missing pieces I fear what's left is being stretched too thin.

The heart can only go without for so long.

"My heart needs your heart."



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