Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Gratitude n. acknowledgement of having received something good from another: the state of being thankful.

First known use - 1523
           Most recent use - right here, right now.

15.  All of his names sound super cool - No matter my mood, the occasion, or the place.  Ben, Benjamin, Babe, Sir, Mr. Sides, Captain Sides, My Love, Mr. Amazing...

14.  He is smarter than me but never talks about it.

13.  He sings [ALL] the words to "I'm Elmo and I know it."

12.  He has his own recipes.

11.  He can give all five girls pigtails before I decide between the blue t-shirt or the green t-shirt.

10.  He knows how to make a spreadsheet.

9.  He's humble.

8.  He never forgets to brush his teeth.

7.  His eyes actually sparkle.

6.  He was not eaten by the shark (although his Red Snapper was).

5.  He's the guy who made all the mechanical monkeys sing in the Target display.

4.  He loves Mexican food more than I do.

3.  I can trust him [and I do].

2.  Sarcasm.

1.  Loving [and being loved by] him is the greatest thing I have ever done.

Thank you, Ben, for being who I need, want, and love.

I love you.


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