Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Changing Landscape

Change bothers me - uprooting my emotional nervous system at its core.  For decades, I have coveted those who drape themselves in spontaneity, rolling with the punches gracefully and with flair.


I don't roll with anything [punchy or otherwise].

Launch something on me in the spur of the moment and I can promise you I'll entertain the idea for a different moment and a better time.

This strikes me as incredibly odd for someone who will soon be able to say she has lived in five houses in five years.  Okay, one of them was a hideous apartment but, if you ask me, hideous apartments count double.  With each move and every new address I tell myself it's okay and I can do it because it will bring me one step closer back to where I started...back to Texas...back to where my soul belongs.


We can't escape it.

Much like the landscape changes with each raindrop, gust of wind, or speck of dust, we also change.  No landscape is ever exactly the same from moment to moment even though it may look that way from afar.

I believe I am a landscape.

Perhaps then, change is beautiful.



Unknown said...

I like Change. Change is a requirement of Perspective. And perspective is a requirement of happiness. And happiness...is a requirement of mine.


PaullaWalla said...

I appreciate change and value its presence in my life. It's the uncomfortable, unknown, and awkward that comes with it that is difficult for me to sometimes stomach.

PaullaWalla said...
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PaullaWalla said...
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